I was three when Harry was born. As such, the first memories I have of him are a typically hazy mix. The little things are what stick with me the most: our old house and garden, climbing frame, family dog. I chose him out of affection for his weirdness and we adored him. Max looked somewhat puzzled but just sort of let him get on with it. Harry has that way about him. He was very loud. Then there was the time Harry actually tried to get me in trouble, when I told him WWF wrestling was all staged — he took it as a personal insult and as revenge told Mum that I was the worst thing he could think of… a drug dealer. When I started school in Holmes Chapel, on hot days when the school-run cars were lined up outside and the parents were passing the time, Harry — never scared of attracting attention — would be stood up in the back of the car, entertaining everyone through the open window.

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Imagine: Harry left you for someone else, and months later the lads and him see you at the club. Completely different. Its been five months since Harry Styles, my three year boyfriend, left me for some blonde bitch. Honestly, at first I was devastated. Until my best friend, Amanda introduced me to the party life. I was never a party girl.

Preference #1: He sees you with someone else after you break up About an hour later you go to the restaurant to meet your date; he’s actually really cute At the bar a few seats down you see Zayn, Niall and Harry. one directionHarry StylesZayn MalikNiall HoranLouis TomlinsonLiam Payneone direction preferences.

The mystery girl who pop star Harry Styles wrote about in love song ‘Carolina’ is a beautiful year-old college student he met on a blind date, DailyMail. The star was clearly bowled over by pretty brunette Townes Adair Jones who he met in Los Angeles a couple of years ago. And the One Direction heartthrob decided to include her – and details of their memorable liaison – on his self-titled debut solo album. They only went out once, but she inspired Styles to write the love song ‘Carolina’ about the year-old.

A friend of Townes told DailyMail. Styles sings in upbeat ‘Carolina’: ‘I met her once and wrote a song about her, I wanna scream, I wanna shout it out, I hope she hears me now. The song – which Styles performed on the Late Late Show on Monday night – says Townes has family in ‘Carolina’ and that she told him that he reminds her of home.

Harry would rather much hang with his ex

Originally posted by tmlnsn. View part one here. Originally posted by hotmessharry. Two years ago I started to have feelings for him, strong ones, but I never thought that he would feel the same way about me.

Who are One Direction’s Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik dating? The ‘Stack It Up’ singer occasionally shares pictures of the model on social media and he’s not shy when it comes to talking Imagine getting invited to the Hadid’s farm for your Christmas lunch.

After being notoriously private about his personal life for years the man doesn’t even do Instagram stories! Harry’s upcoming album Fine Line has already been shrouded in rumours about his dating life, naturally. Fans are speculating that the album cover has a subtle bisexual message , while the release date coincides with Harry’s ex Taylor Swift’s birthday , and a new revelation confirmed that one of Harry’s new songs even features his ex-girlfriend’s potentially Camille Rowe’s voice.

We can’t keep up. Now, speaking to Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Harry has revealed that while he used to feel uncomfortable about his sex symbol status, he’s learnt to be more open. Asked about the speculation around his sex life, Harry said,”The thing with sex is it used to feel so much more taboo. Even like when we were in the band [One Direction], the thought of people thinking that I had sex was like, ‘Oh no, that’s crazy, what if they know?

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AS a young boy Harry Styles never cried much. Harry, now 18, was just seven when his dad sat him down and told him he was leaving home. But dad Des says the sight of his son in tears haunts him still — and reveals the moment he broke the news to Harry was the worst day of his life. But, movingly, he tells of his agony when he could no longer see Harry and his sister Gemma, now 21, after he split from their mum Anne.

Everybody was in tears.

Read You see him propose to someone else from the story harry imagines by faerieharry with reads. “Harry, she’s not good for you! I’ve seen her, you hav​.

Hope you all enjoy. Feedback and Requests are welcomed. Lots of Love! White, wispy clouds swam around the blue sky. His fingertips brushed the cold, red brick building. Memories flooded past his crystal green eyes. His toe nicked the sidewalk crack where the clumsy sixteen-year-old Harry tripped and broke his wrist.

Harry Styles Was Subjected To Some Rude Questioning About His Dating Life And Handled It Perfectly

After listening to ‘s Fine Line or his eponymous album, you’d probably expect Harry Styles’ quotes about love to be intense, passionate, or too cool for school. The way he sings about sex and romance has cemented his rock star status. He’s got moody songs about regret like “From the Dining Table,” and warm, sensual love songs like “Watermelon Sugar. He’s not the most forthcoming guy when it comes to his own love life.

Sure, he’s occasionally been snapped on what might be a date.

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The day had started and been nothing but completely ordinary, until now. Because at this moment, both of my hands were numb, shaking and sweaty. Nick had meant well, as he always did, being one of the nicest people I knew. He was staring at me, unsure what to say and I could read by his expression that he was doubting both, my sanity and whether or not he had made the right decision to tell me.

His words kept replaying in my mind, becoming louder and louder by the minute until they resounded inside my head as a yell. Because how could it be true? Harry and I loved each other and neither of us could ever betray the other like this, right? Understanding my doubts, Nick had grimaced and pulled out his phone, pressed a few buttons before turning the screen so I had a perfect view onto the numerous texts he had received from Harry.

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I would be freaking jumping up and down and be freaking out. Also I’m be like “Yes! This is how I live…obsessing over a hot british celebrity who will never know I exist and I just want to curl up in a ball and cry because I will never meet any of them. Shared by x.

Harry Styles Was Subjected To Some Rude Questioning About His At this point​, Harry Styles is an award-winning artist, with one platinum solo album and another about models, or girls. or about his personal life in general. ask about HE’S NOT A SEX OBJECT, HE’S NOT A WOMANIZER, HE ISN’T.

The way she got along so well with his other family members. She still takes his breathe away. Instead he spent whole night looking over her, but in a way that was not too suspicious. So what did he do? The day his band decided for the hiatus, he was devastated. There were many movie nights when she fell asleep cuddling him, he felt the most content. With the hiatus he had more free time, so he was willing to be in a relationship with the girl he always loved.

He was planning on how to say it, he plotted different scenarios in his mind and freaked out the last minute. This time Harry was determined he will confess his feeling after he came back from his trip to Jamaica. He even wrote a song about her. When he finally came back from that well deserved trip. She found someone else. He was too late.

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Originally posted by thestylesgifs. I could barely make it through my meal without feeling the need to choke her. You sigh audibly before planting your phone down by your espresso machine, placing him on speaker. What does that make it now? You imagine he must be driving because the sound of a car honking almost makes you spill the milk. Camille drove him absolutely mad.

“Yes!” Harry cheers us on while we scrimmaged ciara thriftmy baby harry · Harry styles imagines hes dating another girl Harry Styles Images, Harry Styles Facts.

Met each other at a wedding, hit it off and soon went on their first date in which they were both absolutely nervous for but nonetheless, it worked out just fine since they went on a consecutive second and third date. Attached to the hip, some would say. Somehow, his charm got to her and she was currently spritzing setting spray on her meticulously done makeup. Her hair was done in a high ponytail, making sure to brush the baby hairs out of her face.

All she needed to do was put on her dress and heels. As soon as they arrived at the party, Harry was whisked away by the one and only, Kendall Jenner. She gets herself in control, though, figuring out if there were any recurring feelings going on between them. We can catch up, are you free for lunch tomorrow? He leans over to hug her goodbye before reminding her of their lunch plans for tomorrow. She and Harry could finally have some time to chat. Thinking we might go there tomorrow.

But should he really? She makes small talk with the people on the table and genuinely enjoys some of the conversations. That, until Harry, taps her shoulder.

illicit affairs — I love badboy!harry but he’s only soft for y/n…

Thank you for all the feedback I got on the first part of this. Or the master list that is linked in bio. I hope you love it! Originally posted by stylesschmyles-deactivated Love can push people to do things that they never thought that they were capable of doing. Let alone, develop love for that man.

All eyes were on Harry Styles, the football star and quarterback, The girls always twirled stands of their hair in between their fingers at the sight He was seeing red, kicking at every inch of the man that had even attempted to hurt his girl. times Harry can see her or force her to consume something other.

His nail polish is pink and mint green. He turns heads, to put it mildly, but nobody comes near because the waitresses hover around the booth protectively. The weirdest thing about him? He loves being this guy. He has managed to grow up in public with all his boyish enthusiasm intact, not to mention his manners. The Harry Charm is a force of nature, and it can be almost frightening to witness in action. The most startling example might be a backstage photo from February taken with one of his heroes, Van Morrison.

You have never seen a Van picture like this one. Until he met Harry — for some reason, Van beams like a giddy schoolgirl. What did Harry do to him? Styling by Harry Lambert at Bryant Artists.

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